We offer a range of coin-operated weighing machines to businesses Australiawide

As we become increasingly health conscious, our diet, excercise routines and generally keeping fit has taken a new prominence.

Knowing our weight and BMI is a reliable indicator that we are living the healthy lifestyle we aspire to. Having this information available in a quick and inexpensive form means your business can benefit from increased foot traffic, healthy profits and the provision of a valuable service.

Our range includes weighing, body fat and blood pressure monitoring machines. Our machines are designed to be space efficient generating profits and increasing foot traffic to your business.

Advanced weighing machines for any environment. Profit without purchase.

(BMIA) has a weighing machine that will suit your business. Each machine represents great profitability: you pay nothing and share in a percentage of the profit.

It’s really as simple as that.


Introducing the HENNEBONT

The Hennebont is a stylish scale that is an attractive addition to any environment.

This state of the art ultrasonic scale calculates height, weight and BMI. It displays results on screen and also produces a printout your customers can keep for their records.

More about the Hennebont

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